To quote what was posted on our old web site in 2000:  “But it's a new millennium and teachers and students have cooperated by sending their work via email. It is now quick and easy to post the papers, especially when students work with a popular program like MS Word.”

Because the topics students researched are still unresolved, we believe their work continues to be relevant and their analysis of situations worthwhile. We have packaged the work in a more targeted manner in the Teens Speak Out section of our web site. The thoughts of young people concerning issues like responsibility, war and peace, what it means to be an American and what they consider to be an ideal society are inspirational as well as informative. In the Teens Speak Out section you can search in numerous ways by keyword as well as by state, school, subject, date, teacher or student participant.

The Foundation hopes to convince older adults that the youth of our nation is a valuable resource. Our pilot projects provide self-esteem and real-life experience resulting in recommendations for résumés as well as an honored place in society for our youth. The local HSF pilot projects can fill the need to socialize while providing a wholesome break from job and studies for those in their teens and twenties. We’re certain this group has the potential to contribute most to the well being of the nation that they will inherit.  Please visit our pilot projects and become a Champion in your own community. We will support you as you help us prove this proposition.

But first please visit the map and see who has participated in our programs from your state.  Maybe you will be the first.  In any event, we welcome you.

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