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About The Harry Singer Foundation (HSF)
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The Foundation invites participants of all ages and countries to participate in its programs but has been concentrating on young people because they are open and eager to learn, are not saddled with a myriad of other social responsibilities, (like raising a family and making a living), and they will be around the longest and therefore have the best opportunity to make their projects work. They are ideal experimenters because time is on their side.

We bring people together to network at our headquarters in Carmel, California. When participants come up with ideas, HSF provides the opportunity to put to the test, those ideas that garner the most enthusiastic response. We do this via Pilot Projects and interacting with grant-making entities and far-sighted businesses. Most businesses rightly have more than altruistic motives. They are concerned about maintaining a stable and growth-oriented economy as well as finding responsible future employees. Our projects foster these goals.

Although HSF is an educational foundation it realizes it is not enough to think, write and talk about problems. HSF intends to show what ordinary people are capable of achieving. The goal is to find out what works within a desired framework. We know a pilot project has been successfully launched when it attracts enthusiastic volunteers that we call Champions. Champions take over the management and expand these pilot projects. In the process they release their own unique pent up creativity while the Foundation continues to support them in their efforts. Singer Kids4Kids is one example.

In our Teachers Forum, we offer materials, free of charge, which can be printed and used in the classroom or for individual education or research. The Workbooks forum features data to encourage logical thinking and attention to the unintended consequences that often accompany government or personal solutions to perceived problems. HSF believes that society may have encouraged technology and management while neglecting principles. We need to consider not only can we do, but should we do. To that end you will find an introduction to the seldom taught subject of logic along with ethical dilemmas.

The Harry Singer Foundation mission is to prepare participants for a future where there may be less government and a weaker safety net. Such a future would require greater individual character, responsibility and knowledge. There may be a need for responsible people able to care for themselves and their less fortunate neighbors.

HSF has archived the thoughts of teens over a twenty year period in the Teens Speak Out and the Archives forums as well as in the published books that resulted from 41 of the 46 essay contests it conducted between 1988 and 2008. Although many of these teen authors now are adults with children of their own, their research and conclusions are relevant to today's youth who must learn to make successful personal and social choices regarding their own ideology and careers. They too must withstand the peer pressure of gangs, violence, irresponsible sex and addictive substances. People change but the social issues remain.

We invite you to come back time and again to explore all the facets of our web site. We look forward to your comments and participation and will be happy to provide additional information or respond to any questions you might have. Because we have no paid staff and rely completely on volunteer Champions, we hope some of you will be moved to offer remote assistance and support, or even become a HSF Champion and adapt one of our programs  to the special needs of your own community, with our support.


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