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Eden School Complex

Ga, Greater Accra, Ghana

School headmaster Reverend Stephen Ankoi standing
by one of the school's first-rate structures.

Two of the school's very fine
classroom buildings

Outstanding enclosed

Eden School Complex is located in the community of Agbogba, North Legon, about 13 miles from Accra. The area has about 20,000 inhabitants, who are mainly petty traders that travel to Accra to sell their wares. Although a poor area, Agbogba represents itself as an "up and coming" neighborhood with many middle-class residents coming to the neighborhood from Accra. Nevertheless, the observed living conditions in the community were quite poor, with bad sanitation, poor wooden shacks, mud huts, and corrugated metal structures common.

About 80% of Eden School Complex students live locally, while the remainder come from neighboring communities. Those who live far from the school need to arrange their own transport as the school has discontinued their bus service. Judging by the observed living conditions, these students live in poor housing and share in the general poverty of the area. Eden School Complex has been in operation for 13 years. There are two class blocks with 10 classrooms. Additionally, there is a very large class block currently under construction that will house at least 20 new classrooms (with a computer lab, a library, and administrative facilities). The school stands out with its high quality structure in the middle of a very deprived community. The buildings are clean and well maintained and the classrooms appeared spacious and attractive. There is a small enclosed courtyard with playground toys for the children and a very large main school yard that is enclosed from the street and community with a high wall. The building under construction will be impressive and will double the size of the school. There is much attention to detail here, and the infrastructure is very well maintained and the school grounds are quite clean.

Eden School Complex serves 320 students in nursery through JSS 2 (11th grade). Class size averages 35 students. The school's proprietress is Mrs. Grace Anponsah: 0243-512361; the Headmaster is Reverend Stephen Ankoi: 0244-366715. There are 14 full time teachers and two attendants. The majority of teachers are SS graduates, with three trained teachers and two college graduates. Teachers have taught on average for 5 years. Teacher salaries range from 438,000 to 1.2 million cedis ($48 to $133) per month, depending upon certification and seniority. Tuition cost at Eden School Complex ranges from 560,000 to 820,000 cedis ($62 - $91) per child per term. The school has a firm policy regarding the payment of tuition fees, but this may explain why it has more capital and can provide better facilities. It does provide discounted tuition fees for children of teachers and staff. Family income in Agbogba averages between 400,000 and 1 million cidis ($44-111) a month, meaning that tuition costs represent a significant portion of earned income.

There are quality KVIP (latrine) toilets provided, 6 for boys and 6 for girls. There is also a urinal for both sexes. Water is purchased each evening and used to clean these facilities. First aid is administered at school with students being referred to a local hospital for care (and parents notified) when necessary. Eden School Complex would like to add an on-site full time nurse when economically feasible. Electricity is connected and reliable. Phone lines are not yet connected, but should be available very soon, allowing the possibility of internet connections. The school owns six working computers that will be installed in the new computer lab upon its completion. There are service people in town that can maintain and repair the computers.

Eden School Complex is an outstanding private school with a competent and experienced headmaster who is very interested in joining the Singer-Kids4Kids program. It is an extremely well-equipped school that could form a very strong sister-school relationship. Eden School Complex will soon be able to initiate an internet relationship and would probably best be paired with a large sister school with time to dedicate to building a strong long term relationship.



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