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Modern Preparatory School

South Dayi District, Ghana

Proprietor Reverend Seth Bansat (right) with the headmaster (left)
and the nursery school teacher

A typical open Primary School classroom

A group of teachers and students

Modern Preparatory School is located in Wodome Peki in the South Dayi District of Ghana. There are 1,000 inhabitants made up mainly of farmers and a few government workers. Wodome Peki is a poor community and the housing is generally made from mud with a few concrete structures. It is a pleasant and clean rural area, but it is very deprived of resources and development in general.

The younger students live locally and older students tend to come from outside of the community. Modern Preparatory School has been in operation since 1982. The school is comprised of 5 buildings, 9 classrooms, one canteen structure, a large building under construction, and a spacious new church in the center of the complex. The school grounds are spacious, shaded with many trees, and quite attractive. The school buildings are simple long narrow shelters with concrete floors but with no walls except the dividers between classes. This would indicate that there problems with water entering the class space when it rains. The school's construction is very simple, but attention has seemingly been paid to building structures that last. The school also has both water (a spigot supplied with municipal water) and electricity, which is very rare among the private schools in the area. The grounds and classrooms are tidy and well organized and the infrastructure, such as classroom furniture, well maintained. There are improvements underway but the pace of their completion is undoubtedly slowed by lack of capital.

Modern Preparatory School serves 268 students from nursery to upper school. Class size averages 35 students. The owner of the school is Reverend Seth Bansat, proprietor - 024-3479159. There are 16 full time teachers. They are all Secondary School graduates. Teacher salaries range from 300,000 to 450,000 cedis ($33 to $50) per month. Tuition cost at Modern Preparatory School ranges from 140,000 to 300,000 cedis ($30 - $57) per child per term. Children who have lost their fathers (currently eight such students) attend at no cost. The average family income in Gbawe-Topbese is only 200,000 and 500,000 cedis ($22 to $55) a month, so most families do not have the ability to pay full tuition.

Wash basins are available and there are two banks of quality pit latrines (one for boys and one for girls); however, the school is very much in need of a clean eating area. Minor first aid is administered at school and when a child falls ill the school takes them via taxi to a nearby hospital at school expense. The school would like to be able to provide a full time nurse and on-site medical supplies.

Modern Preparatory School has a reliable electrical supply but there are no phone lines or other means of internet service in the area. The school has recently received a donation of two computers and is working to set up a new computer lab for students. One teacher is qualified to teach computer lessons to students and also to maintain the computers.

Ultimately, Modern Preparatory School would like to acquire a school bus; however, there are many other needs that the school has that require a much lower level of funding, ranging from $275 for library furniture to $600.00 for a photocopy machine.



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