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Welcome To The Opportunity Database

The United States is recognized historically as the land of freedom. There is no freedom without responsibility, and so the Harry Singer Foundation continues to promote responsibility as it has since its first Responsibility contest in 1994..

The United States has also been heralded as the land of opportunity. However, there is a feeling of frustration rampant in our nation today which prompted the Harry Singer Foundation to come up with Another Way to promote opportunity.


"Don't die with your music in you."

Look at children under age six. They are optimistic, curious and full of creative energy. There is nothing they can't do, or so they will assure you, and they want, and fully intend to do it all. We were those children once. We too were full of creative energy and goodwill. What happened? We are generally asked for our money. But adults are more than dollar signs. Our goodwill and creativity crave expression too. Our creative energy is too often used to stuff envelopes and handle phones.

The Harry Singer Foundation did a lot of polling which verified what we knew; that many people would volunteer if they thought they could do something really meaningful, something that would make a difference. What they want to know is where to go and what to do. But meaningful opportunities are in short supply. That doesn't have to be the case. Opportunities can be created.

Please look over the examples provided and then explore the opportunity database. It is a work in progress. We are designing something school children can set up and maintain. We will even supply the equipment and instruction, with no charge. We need pilot programs. The model we are building uses material from a national database we had on the internet a couple years ago. Some of the information may still be accurate, but our purpose here is illustrative only. We will soon be ready to help you set up a working database in your own community with constantly updated accurate local information.

Examples to show how the opportunity database works.



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