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Wanda's White Hat  Projects


May, 1995

Dear Singer Foundation:

     My advanced American history students and I are once again applying for the White Hats awards. Last year my class and I did a White Hats project and received lapel pins…. I am listing the details of this year’s project here.

     We actually did two community service projects this year. The first one was the implementation of the project the students described in the essay contest, which was raising community support and funds for a new Benton County Public Library after the county commission reneged on promised funds. They were able to accomplish several of the objectives they described.

      First, the students wrote a letter of protest of the county commission’s actions and had it published in both local papers. Our group next contacted various student organizations such as the student council, the Beta Club, Future Teachers of America etc. and asked them to attend the next county commission meeting and voice their support for the library.

      Students also helped with a fundraiser in conjunction with the Benton County Geological Society. This group is preparing a county cookbook and will donate all the proceeds to the Library Fund. The students did a special historical section to be included in the cookbook, with family recipes and background. They have planned and carried out several fundraisers on their own; they are about halfway through to a goal of $500.00 for the Library.

      The second project they did was to become a World War II commemorative community group. The Department of Defense has asked that various groups (schools, clubs, classes, civic organizations etc.) commit to doing six projects at least, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II.  My advanced history students have completed the six projects.

      These projects included a variety of activities. One project was to create a World War II “museum” in the school library from artifacts and mementos from WWII veterans. We created a videotape explaining the significance of the 50th anniversary, then allowed students to view the objects and ask questions.  About 600 students (out of around 700) came through the exhibits.

      The second project was to purchase a set of ten videotapes of WWII documentaries and to donate them to the library.

      The next two projects were a combination of a 1940’s music concert and a reception for WW II veterans and friends. The students co-sponsored these events with the Benton County Arts Council and the Glovers Trace Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. We arranged for the Jazz Ensemble of the Navy Band in Memphis to present a concert of 1940’s music and songs. All veterans were recognized during the concert and WW II veterans wore special badges. After the concert a reception was held in the library, which was decorated in a patriotic theme.

      Other projects were to create a showcase in the school hallway, on the fiftieth anniversary theme. The students did a thousand piece puzzle of a WW II theme and exhibited it along with other WW II information. The last project was for each student to interview a WW II veteran. These interviews have been published throughout the year as a series in the local papers.

      If you feel these things qualify us for a White Hats award, please let us know. If you still give the pins in recognition of these projects, the students will be graduating at the end of next week.  We would like to have them as soon as possible.

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

October 6, 1995

Dear Harry Singer Foundation:

      We last spoke at the end of June, 1995 during which time you informed me that my class had won one of the $1,000.00 prizes. You then indicated we could donate the money for our community project or get computer equipment. After talking with some of the students this summer, it seems that most would prefer the money go to the Benton County Library Building Fund.

      We are eagerly looking forward to the books from last year’s contest.  Even though the participating students have graduated I will attempt to get a copy to all of them.

      Thank  you  for all you do to  encourage  students to think and analyze.  I  think  your essay contests etc. are wonderful.

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

White Hats Recipients 1995

Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students 1995

Scotty Harris

Rob Florence

Joseph Watts

Shayne Holland

Nora Morgan

William Hawkins

Carie Mitchell

Jeremy Wyatt

Shane Morris

White Hats Recipients 1996

Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

Sara Vick

Christie Tinkle

Donna Webb

Joshua Scott Robias

Amanda Jerdan

Shawnay Moulton

Annie Presson

Clara Beasley

Angela C. Ferguson

Adam Godfrey

Morgan Hardy

Jill McKay

Melanie Morris

Jarred Sayles

Jason Shettles

Tabitha Terry

Lara Upchurc

Nishea Foley

May 8, 1997

Dear Harry Singer Foundation:

      I am again requesting the White Hats awards for my advance history students. These students are college-bound seniors who are very community-minded as well. They are at the top of their class academically and incorporate their studies into community projects.

      Two of the projects they completed were Constitution Week awareness and a project for the Tennessee Bicentennial. For Constitution Week the student decorated the Camden Public Library and made puzzles for the children’s room concerning the Constitution. They also sponsored an essay contests and an art contest for the other CHS students with the theme What Does Freedom Mean To Me?  They judged these contests and provided prizes for them. Too, they wrote and performed an audio skit for our local radio station.

      For the Tennessee Bicentennial, they raised money to buy two volumes of the Tennessee Encyclopedia. they presented one of them to our Camden High School library and one to the public library.

     In addition, the students wrote and performed a skit with several historical figures, complete with costumes. This skit provided the programs for the Daughters of the American Revolution banquet and the dinner meeting for the Benton County Genealogical Society.

      We hope that these activities will meet the requirements for the White Hats awards. If so, these students will be graduating in about one and a half weeks. We would appreciate receiving these as soon as possible. (We get the “hat” lapel pins, not the “bears.”

      Thank you for your continuing encouragement of our young people.

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

White Hats Recipients 1997
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students
Chris Hudson

Amanda Cantrell

Erica Hastings

Lara Upchurch

Jacob Larsen

Morgan Hardy

Angela Ferguson

Eric Brantley

Sarah Sparks



May 7, 2001

Dear Harry Singer Foundation,                                     

The Camden Central High advanced American history class is again applying for the White Hats award.  These students have participated in and created several community service projects throughout the year. In addition to doing these projects, many of our members volunteer individually for community service.

Below see some of the group projects students worked on during the school year:                                                              

 a) In October the class did a school wide drive for items for Ronald McDonald home in Nashville in partnership with the Camden Lioness Club.  Ronald McDonald houses provide a place to stay for families with children who are being treated in nearby children’s hospitals—sometimes for very lengthy stays.

 b) In November the class presented a community wide assembly in the home of Benton County veterans. The class planned the event, provided the publicity and presented the program before the entire school, veterans and guests and other community members.

 c) This spring the new Camden Historical Museum is opening. History students are [assuming an active role] helping to establish something [significant] that our community can be proud of.  One member of the class serves on the Friends of the Museum board as a liaison between the museum and the school as well as representing the viewpoints of young people. Recently (this past Saturday) the first Camden Heritage Day was held on museum grounds and featured booths showcasing all types of arts and crafts, as well as numerous activities to help celebrate the heritage of Benton County.  The advanced history class took an exhibit space and featured activities and projects by the history club.  They also gave out booklets on U. S. history and patriotically themed coloring sheets for children. They helped serve as hosts for the day. Also, each student is doing two taped interviews with Benton County citizens to establish the beginning of an oral history library for the museum.

d) In February the class co-hosted with the Benton Count Arts Council a concert featuring Sternwheel Drive – the U. S. Navy band from Memphis. The students did publicity for the concert and helped with a reception after the concert. One of the history students introduced the band and recognized all veterans in the audience. The concert was in the house of all veterans with special emphasis on Korean veterans (30th anniversary of the Korean conflict.)

 We would appreciate your consideration of the class as White Hat recipients.

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

White Hats Recipients 2001
   Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

Tim Moss   

Steven Robertson  

Jennifer Hester

Jae Lindsay Dedmon 

Crystal Sanders

Hannah Florence 

Allison Melton

April Woods

Jesse Burkhart

Matt Markham 

April 29, 2003

Dear Harry Singer Foundation:

The advanced American history class at Camden Central High would once again like to be considered for the White Hats awards. We have worked on three extensive community service projects that emphasize history, patriotism and civic involvement. In September the class sponsored various activities to honor Constitution Week. These activities encouraged the students, faculty, staff and community to be aware of our political heritage.  Constitution Week contests sponsored and judged by the class included essays, art, poetry, T-shirt and trivia contests. the class also decorated the public library. In addition, members wrote, directed, produced, acted and edited a skit on videotape called “A Constitution Carol” (re-take of a Christmas Carol) which was shown throughout the school.

In November the students planned, presented and publicized a program for Veterans Day. The assembly included the entire school, veterans and their guests and community members. Members of the class hosted the event and presented poems, patriotic readings, music, original Veterans Day speeches, etc. and provided a veteran guest speaker. Over one hundred veterans were in attendance.

In February the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution asked the class to provide a program for their meeting. Students wrote and performed a skit called “History Jeopardy” at the DAR’s annual history banquet.  The performance was well received by members and guests.

We still have two works in progress that will be finished this week. The Advanced U.S. History class is having the students, faculty and staff sign a banner with messages of thanks to the soldiers who have been abroad in Iraq. We will send the banner to Ft. Campbell in Kentucky, which is about 100 miles from Camden. We are also preparing a display in school with the names of family and friends from this area who are involved in the Iraq conflict.

We would appreciate receiving the White Hats awards.  The students usually receive the White Hats lapel pins and certificates. I am enclosing a list of the students—they are all seniors so a timely response would be appreciated, if possible.

Thank you for all the opportunities you provide for the students. Last year you sent some financial assistance to help with a veterans’ reception. We have several area soldiers returning from Iraq which we would like to honor with a reception if you have any resources available this year for something of this nature.

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

White Hats Recipients 2003
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

John W. Carruth

Lucas Jones

Kathy King

Shannon Sweeney

Shayne Evans

Ben Finkle

Cressie Teague

Sheena Rayburn

Tiffany Ward

Danielle Nunnery

Kerri Stone

Mandy Chase

Shamisha Fitch


White Hats Recipients 2004
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students 

Kyla Carter
Mandy Green
Kimberly Taylor 
Heather King
Kaitlin Cooper 
Krista Osment  
Ann Marie Pepper
Lindsey Williams  
Samantha Coppola  
Kari Rudolph

White Hats Recipients 2005
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

Brian Beasley 
Candice Inman  
Chase Jordan  
Chris Carney
Clay Carruth  
Jesse Kelly

Kyle Hickey  
Michael Kee 
Travis Laha 
Logan Barber 
Dakotah Davis

Courtney Brackeen 

White Hats Recipients 2006
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

Rachel Beasley   
Nikki Bussey 
Kayla King
Missie Taylor    
   Charity Coleman
Jenna French   
Sascha Hayes   
Ashley Henry   
Jesse Leonard
Tyson Weller
Jake Lumpkin    
Justin Russell   
Lindsey Sroka   
Candace Nunnery   
Stefanie Robinson   
Ashley Hollingsworrth 


May 4, 2006

Dear Harry Singer Foundation:

The Camden Central High advanced American history class completed several major projects both for the school and community. These projects emphasize citizenship, patriotism, civic involvement, heritage and history, many of which are of course intertwined.
            The class did extended projects for Constitution Week, including a video based on the Constitutional Convention. Students wrote, produced and performed the video which was shown throughout the school. They also sponsored an art, essay, poetry and car-decorating contest, did the judging, and provided prizes for the winners.
            Another major project was holding the Veterans Day assembly, which has become an annual event. The history students provide publicity, plan the assembly, write original speeches for the event, contact a Veteran to speak, provide musical guests, etc. During the assembly the students present speeches, poems, patriotic readings, make special presentations, introduce guest speakers, etc. This year the students sponsored an art contest and the winning piece was used for the front of the program for the assembly.
            A new project for us this year was to be involved in the Adopt-a-Platoon project in conjunction with Channel One. We were paired with a group of soldiers overseas and we sent them Christmas cards and a video of good wishes and interviews with people talking about honoring veterans and what they do. We also sent valentines to our platoon in February. Also in February students wrote and performed a skit honoring Ben Franklin’s 300th birthday and performed it for the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. They wrote articles about noted women and their achievements for the local paper for Woman’s History Month. Last Saturday, April 29, students helped at the Benton County Public Library in a county-wide project called “Family Reunion” which emphasized the history and heritage of our county. The students worked with younger children with “historical” games and crafts, and helped set up and clear up—on a Saturday!

Wanda Allen
Camden Central High School, Tennessee

Director's note:
Camden Central High has accomplished the second goal of the White Hats program. Camden students have received  White  Hats  recognition regularly for many years.  It is not the only school, but we didn't think to publish  the recognition in earlier years.  Soon we will put some of  the other applications, photos and news paper clipping online that managed to survive the move the Foundation  made to new quarters  in  2006.  In the future all submittals will be posted online.

Remember #1 goal is to lobby local media to publish good news students collect in the community and  #2 goal is to ceremoniously honor the best good deeds they uncover. For both students are awarded certificates and  school  lapel  pins.  Students  that  perform  the  good  works  themselves  receive  certificates  and  the community lapel pins. Anyone can nominate a program or individual for the best-of-the-month $1,000 award. Currently via email but by the end of the year you will be able to do it online in real time.

White Hats Recipients 2007
Camden, Tennessee Advanced American History Students

Jesse Clifft
Emily Moore    
Katie Brown  
Cassie Hassell  

Jessica Terry   
Joshua Elliott 
Evan Gaskin  
Brittney Watkins

Lesli Oatsvall  
Amber Ward   
Brandi N. MIller  
Elizabeth Beasley
Kendra Cheyenne Summers




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