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Favorite Educational Links

Our Favorite Educational Links

So much information is being added to the Internet every day that it took us quite a while to narrow down our favorites.  We have arranged them into the following categories:

2009 Picks
Teachers Networking Sites
Resource for Faculty Recruitment
Volunteer web sites
Civics and Government
Geography and Virtual Travel
Educational Games
Arts and Crafts
More Essay Contests  & Other Writing Opportunities
Going to college
Highlighting Homeschooling
Commercial Sites requiring payment
World-wide placement
Resources for Combined Study & Work Abroad

Our 2009 picks

Educator's Reference Desk
Great Lesson Plans
Plans for all ages and grades in a huge number of subjects.
The site is well laid out and easy to use.

Teen Health FX
Special Feature
Teens post questions on anything that is bothering them without identifying themselves. The Q&A is posted online so others get the benefit of answers to many subjects—many oriented to relationships.

HyperHistory Online
3, 000 years of World History – up to the minute  

Fascinating Site
The danger is that you won’t want to leave this site there is so much to see and learn. Facts come with the author’s bias (everyone has a bias) and the site is kept up to date with the economic details in 2009 noted as they occur. 

Suitable for adults and teens. Beautifully laid out and thought out over a long period.

Chemistry-Biology-Astronomy-Physics-Math-Earth Science/Geography
Links in one place
to six of the best learning sites for kids and adults on the web.

These web sites are the brainchild of Andrew Rader, and other volunteers who are passionate about their subjects and getting kids to learn. We love these interactive web sites. Highest quality and attractive too!  

Edu Web Company
eduweb is an award-winning developer of online learning games and other interactivities suitable for K through college. This is “where learning theory, digital media and fun meet.” Subjects include art, history and science projects. This is truly a gateway to a wealth of high quality learning. Browse the site to find many treasures for teaching and learning. You won’t be disappointed. The portfolio offers links to many of the activities of their clients which anyone can access without charge. Note the enthusiastic testimonials from some of the best educational web sites on the Internet, including several museums.

We welcome your coments relevant to the following links:

Teachers Networking Sites

Teachers Net – Chatboard

Teachers Net – Mail Rings  

Internet Public Library – Education Blogs 

2008 survey of American Teachers

Resource for Faculty Recruitment

Carney, Sandoe & Associates  free to job seekers


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington - ethics and accountability in government

Good - many  resources – all free

Lehrman American Studies Center  = unbelievable resources for Civic Virtue

Laws of Life Essay ContestJohn Templeton’s contest challenges students to reflect and then take a stand for what they believe in

Volunteer web sites

Turn Your World Around - founded by a teen

Teen Hero Awards - teens are able to designate grants to the charity of their choice

Volunteer Match - matches volunteers with their choice of opportunities

Idealist. Org - more matching volunteers with their choice of opportunities

Civics and Government

C-Span Classroom - C-Span, a huge quality usable resource

Scholastic Teaching Resources  - many quality resources

Naturalization Test – 100 civic questions Can your students pass the Naturalization Test? Print this pdf and use al 100 questions it to test your civic students.

Standards for the state of Georgia  in Government/Civics - What Georgia expects its students to know about American civics/govt

Lehrman American Studies Center – a quality resource offering great speeches and important documents from the past plus current information on our public institutions today

C.I.A Teacher/Parent  Resources - more learning resources from the CIA

Photos Analysis Challenge – games for kids page provided by C.I.A.

Kids Portal for the U.S. Government - resources up to 8th grades and links to other government sites

The Dirksen Congressional Center – See Congress for Kids and Congress in the Classroom Online

A Political Quiz

*Information found on links to College programs, below, is an additional resource


American History 102- great resource – American history lectures, notes, tests– the product of a Univ of Wisconsin emeritus professor & prolific author-site received awards

World War II – lesson plan  and more resources

Public Broadcasting Program – Lewis and Clark  

Life 123 - Teaching American History activities and articles-teacher resources

Lincoln Bicentennial Contests

Images of Political History

Life in the Middle Ages
New Perspectives on the West
States and Capitals  

The American Civil War Homepage

The Civil War Homepage

Oregon Trail - an online teachers’ guide by teachers

About.Com - good resource for American History

Geography and Virtual Travel

Amazon Interactive – geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon via games and online activities

Williamsburg: Electronic Field Trips

This is a large easy to use web site. It offers research tools, curriculum ideas, web projects covering a variety of subjects

GOALS stands for Global Online Adventure Learning Site – It offers educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature

The Jason Project - brings real life adventures to the web to inspire

Virtual Field Trips – good online projects for students involving many subjects

Xpeditions National Geographic -
great resource featuring online lesson plans  and activities Check it out!

World Atlas.Com
geography quiz, maps etc.

Online Resources Guide
great resource but not easy to use- diverse information more than you imagine at first
Geography Worksheets

White House101 - Facts and other information for all ages
Educational Games

Study Stack - Large site – many learning games for many subjects  

Family Fun – Good information for teachers and activities and games for children 4-12

Fun Brain – Many educational games that are fun for ages 5-18

By Kids For Kids – Idealocker inspiring and enabling innovation and creativity


The Math Worksheet Site

Math Lesson Plans

Math Forum
Resource for teachers/parents who have questions about teaching mathematics.  

More Math Worksheets

Math worksheets are particularly good. This site has lots of links

Math Playground
un and you really learn—hard to leave this site! It’s FUN

This is Mega Mathmatics!

From Los Alamos National Laboratory this site really expands your mind. Lots of thinks you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Purple Math     
“Helping students gain understanding and self-confidence in algebra” and it really does– not a lot of fun and games but really practical.

Web Math

Online practical help with math problems

Math Machine – This is located on Education World. The math area provides links to fifty online games to improve math skills for grades k-12.


San Francisco based - Be sure to visit the music section online.

London School of Medicine
London School of  Medicine - interactive explorations of a cell

How Stuff Works
This is an incredible site for teens on up. It is a storehouse of both historical and up to the minute information.

Imagine the Universe
From the Goddard Space Flight Center- Large useful glossary and some interactive portions. Star Child, below, is the companion site for children under 14

Star Child
Space exploration for children under age 14 from NASA.

The Inner Human Body  
Each topic has animations, 100’s of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links.
Archeological web site – Some good information but the presentation is geared to K-3 but the subject matter is likely to interest older kids

Life Beyond Earth – exposure to SETI and other projects. There is a place for visitors to post a message “If you could send a message to an extraterrestrial somewhere across the galaxy... What would you say?” A worthwhile thought provoking activity

Science Friday – This is an educational resource based on National Public Radio’s award-winning radio program. Helpful for both parents and classroom teachers.

NASA Kids – photos from space of what’s going on in real time. Some age-specific kids’ games and interesting information from NASA.

Neuroscience – This site is for older Kids. Here you will find diagrams of the brain and more good information. Start with “explore” on the left menu.

Nine Planets – Interesting site is gratis a layman with a passion for space. Best for the knowledgeable. Offers detailed information. For example, Saturn has 14 sub-links.
Sci4Kids – This is a government web site not on par with others listed here but it does have some good hints on science projects and is a resource for teachers but kids can do better elsewhere on the web. Kids navigate by clicking on homepage photos. - Franklin Institute in Philadelphia : Another resource for math and science . Some unusual exhibits not found elsewhere.

MadSciNet - Visitors have the ability to ask any question having to do with science but first they should use the search engine at this link. Lots more on this site! Check out posts on the archive section. This is a huge interesting useful site for learning at all ages.

Yuckiest Site on the Internet – This is geared to  2nd-6th grade Site offers games and activities that combine fun with learning components.

The Virtual Body

Try Science - Another good resource for teachers


When Not to Keep a Secret  -
The goal is to preventing teen suicides.  Offers a short video and essay contest.

Kids’ Health – This is special section dedicated to teens.

TeenGrowth.Com - site a good resource for teens

Arts & Crafts

Children’s Museum

K-8. Not all links work; some games and there are home school and teacher resources- creative

Getty Museum Los Angeles area - teacher resources and a nice collection of online games

ARTSEDGE – This is a project of the Education Department of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and is a member of the Marco Polo Partnership. See Classroom Connections for lesson plans

Education Place 
Choose by state and subject. Excellent web site by education publisher Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt - resources for families, teachers and students. Many excellent learning games.

Field Museum - The Field Museum is based in Chicago. Visitors can play unique instruments from the museum’s vaults. The web site provides information and interesting background about each instrument chosen.

Incredible Art Lessons  
From Princeton Online. Offers art-related lesson plans for all grades and ages featuring unique art adventures, games and interactive activities.

Art Related List Groups 
This is an art education listgroup for teachers, students, parents, artists, and homeschoolers. Postings on numerous  issues related to art education and the arts.

Invention At Play – This site offers challenging puzzles.


Project Gutenberg – This web site has many free books to download.

WOWIO – This is another web site that offers books to read free online and some to download for free or @ $.99 or other reasonable prices.

Readers Theater – This is one of two recommended areas on the Education World web site. It provides Scripts and Teachers’ Guides. Be sure to explore the other reading resources by scrolling up to the Reading Coach and down to Tips and Reading and Writing lessons and related articles.


Writing With Writers  A very impressive area found on the Scholastic web site. Something for all ages and ability. Tips from professionals on all kinds of writing: science, news, descriptive, myths, fiction, book review are a few specialties. Much of this web site can be viewed in Spanish or English.

Internet Public Library for Teens 
This web site provides help to students working on writing and research papers.

Teen Ink Magazine  This organization provides many writing opportunities including a number of contests.

CRAYON – CRAYON is an acronym for stands for “Create Your Own Newspaper”.  Choose from a variety of links to customize your own personal newspaper. Good projects for classes 9-12

Free Rice  This site seeks to
improve the vocabulary of visitors by offering an intriguing incentive. For each word that is defined correctly by the visitor one grain of rice is contributed to fight world hunger.

More Essay Contests  & Other Writing Opportunities

Essay Contest offered by the Alliance for Science

Society of  Professional Journalists – offers essay contests for high school students

Laws of Life  - Sir John Templeton was the force behind this contest.  This web site offers a kit for communities to sponsor their own Laws of  Life contest locally. The subject matter “encourages students to think about the people and experiences that have helped to shape their values. It challenges them to take a stand for what they believe in.”

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation  Here you will find several resources for students and teacher including the annual John F. Kennedy “Profile in Courage” essay contest.  

Ayn Rand Essay ContestsThe Ayn Rand Institute annually offers three age-restricted essays for students 8th grade through college. The subject is one of three of Ayn Rand’s most acclaimed novels.  Anthem is open to students in 8th, 9th or 10th grades.  The Fountainhead is reserved for 11th and 12th grade students although 12th grade students may choose to participate in the Atlas Shrugged contest for college students. In 2009 The Institute is offering 521 prizes totaling $81,250 in prize money.

kaiser EDU. org   Kaiser Foundation health topics – This contest is restricted to undergraduate and graduate who will be judged separately and the winners will receive $1,000.

Funds for Writers - Many writing opportunities - topics change – cash prizes

National History Day – This is the rule book for an annual writing contest that offers certificates, medals, trophies, scholarships or monetary awards.

Optimists International – Search for essay contests – one theme involves civics/government

National Peace Contest – annual contest with an international theme - win trip to DC

American Museum of Natural History  - annual contests – this links to the rules for 2009 contests.  There are different rules for grades 7 – 8, 9 – 10 and 11 – 12.


New York Times Learning Network is a terrific resource for students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents.

Gateway Educational MaterialsLarge that may be worth the time and effort required

Pro Teacher- a wealth of information for all teachers. This is a large helpful network of teachers for teachers. Lots of postings and separate blog area.

Dover Publications - free lesson plans, classroom projects and activities

Education World

HUGE site—not the easiest to use but you might check it out and choose your own favorite areas on this site

Scholastic Another large site with free teacher resources and an area for parents plus activities online for students – grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and much more.  Free arcade games which subtly teach are a boon to busy parents.

Annenberg Media offers free online educational video programs and print materials for teachers in all grades and most subjects.  There are also excellent programs for students and visitors to the web site. Numerous links to a wealth of information and activities.

Worldwise Schools educational opportunities for teachers and resources for classrooms and homeschoolers. Students connect with Peace Corps volunteers in other countries.

Singer-Kids-4-Kids provides students in schools in developed countries the opportunity to assist students and sponsor  schools in under-developed. It is a pen pal-type program that links American classrooms with classrooms in Africa, and eventually other countries. Students exchange photos and messages

Learning Page- 1500 free  worksheets, activities and lesson plans for preschool, kindergarten through third grade.

Discovery Education - Here you will find a wide variety of subjects for all ages – some lessons are free for others there is a charge

Taco Bell Foundation – supports teen programs and Boys & Girls clubs

Boys and Girls Clubs There are 2,500 Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide – worth encouraging students to join to gain access to numerous online programs such as Schwab’s financial literacy “Money Matters” or “Power House”, a homework tutoring program, “Project Learn,”  “Career Launch” and others. Some of these programs have non-member areas. See the next three links

Career Launch - to access all the resources on this page you need to be a member of the Boys & Girl’s club, however there are games and several other useful career resources for non-members.

Young Entrepreneurs Alliance  “YEA opens doors to higher education and meaningful employment, enabling teens to envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Scwabb MoneyWise - tips for parents talking to their kids about money and hints for young people re: investing
Internet Public Library - teacher blogs, help in finding colleges and other online resources

Teen Corner of the Internet Public Library  

ThinkQuest a great educational resource courtesy of the Oracle Corp.  

 ThinkQuest Library – Quality lesson plans and colorful resources for teachers of all ages and lots of links to over 7,000 web sites created by students around the world

Brainbox Challenge  The BBC offers games to improve mental agility

Going to college

Next Step   
“Your life after high school” - win $100.
 This site has college and career planning programs for teens as well as a search engine to help you find your best college match.

Scholarship Application  - A program sponsored by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Scholarship program sponsored by the New York Times

Find financial help for college – this site features links to a scholarship application and personalized advice on choosing the right college and offers many funding options to consider

Find An Online College - comprehensive information to help choose the right college

The College Board advice for choosing the right college and an online college matching

*Below are college programs that focus on American ideals and examine the foundation of personal responsibility – a primary goal of the Harry Singer Foundation.

James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton

Constitutional studies: research and seminars. During the 2008 fall semester conferences were held on topics ranging from "Thomas Jefferson and the Rights of Citizens" to "The United Nations and the American Interest" to "Reflections on Religious Liberty."

Boston College: Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, directed by Kenneth Kirsch, Professor of Political Science. … study of America’s founding principles and their roots in the Western philosophical and religious traditions

Brown University: The Political Theory Project, directed by John Tomasi, Professor of Political Science. Emphasizes political economy, especially in market-based approaches to social problems.

University of Colorado at Boulder: The Center for Western Civilization, directed by E. Christian Kopff, Professor of Classics. The Center for Western Civilization promotes critical reflection and academic research on Western civilization via the study of culture, science, and government in their ancient, medieval, and modern forms, with special emphasis on the classical tradition and the American Founding.

Georgetown University: Tocqueville Forum on the Roots of American Democracy, directed by Patrick Deneen, Professor of Political Philosophy. The goal is to advance the study of America’s founding principles and their roots in the Western philosophical and religious traditions.

Cornell University: Center for the Foundations of Free Societies is directed by Barry Strauss, Professor of History. The goal is to have students understand how constitutional liberty and the principles that underlie free institutions originated, the obstacles past and future and how to counter those obstacles.

Dartmouth College: Daniel Webster Center for Ancient and Modern Studies, directed by James B. Murphy, Professor of Government who hopes to bring ancient and modern perspectives to bear on issues of permanent moral and political importance and in the process unite faculty, students, and alumni around certain core ideals.

Emory University’s  Program in American Citizenship is directed by Mark Bauerlein, Professor of English. Emphasis is placed on the political and civic traditions on which the United States was founded.

The Alexander Hamilton Center at New York University exposes students to competing ideas and policy solutions to current domestic and international issues while insisting on explicit ties between logic, evidence, and policy.

University of Texas, Austin: Center for Core Text and Ideals, directed by Thomas Pangle, Professor of Philosophy. The goals is to create a locus of sustained dialogue about questions of enduring significance and provide new ways for undergraduates to integrate their studies The program links the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Hebrews, with medieval and Renaissance European culture, and with the founding of the American Republic. Forty professors from twelve departments are involved in this project.

University of Virginia: Program for Constitutionalism and Democracy, directed by James Caesar, Professor of Political Science. Offers seminars and courses related to the American political tradition

Lehrman American Studies Center Find a list of professors from a variety of universities that have been nominated to teach a two-week annual summer program at the Lehrman American Studies Center and that share the goal of “developing and adopting intellectually serious, compelling, and philosophically engaging courses that deal with the foundational principles of the American Republic.”

Highlighting Homeschooling

About Homeschooling – information and links to everything you wanted to know about homeschooling and teaching/learning resources



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