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What's In It For The Younger Generation?

Please read the entire passage through quickly, then go back and click on underlined words (links) for more information. Some links offer convenient forms. Discover why Another Way is needed, how Another Way works and how you and your community, no matter where you are in the world, can participate in this program. We will activate and upgrade links as quickly as possible.

Chances are you, as a member of the younger generation, are luckier than many of your peers. Someone saw to it that you have access to a computer and the internet. Chances are you have a family - someone who cares about you more than they care about anyone else. It may be a one-parent, multi-parent or even a no-parent family and is likely to include numerous hyphenated-siblings, (half-sisters or step-brothers etc.) A few of you may even have a "Leave It To Beaver Family" - that one-earner two-parent relic of the past with a stay-at-home mom and a full-sibling or two, and, yes, a dog.

But no matter how safe and secure you may be now, you must realize it is not that way for many of your peers. Many are homeless, neglected and abused. The turmoil they feel and the lack of guidance make the world a threatening place, not only for them, but for you and the rest of society.

You want an opportunity to do something worthwhile with your life, to enjoy your life and perhaps raise a family that will share your dreams. Crime, ignorance, incivility and greed are barriers that are currently being attacked primarily with dollars. There is another way-a better way which won't require you to pay additional taxes to support an expansion of government programs because there won't be a need for an expanded police force, for more recreational facilities to occupy the elderly or more detention facilities for bored and unsupervised youth.

Another Way will eliminate the need for employers to go off-shore to find a reliable workforce, for drug use, vandalism and felonies resulting from a sense of hopelessness, illegitimate births motivated by a need to love and be loved, and gangs where lonely and abandoned youth now turn to find acceptance and approval. Another Way will provide employment skills, higher education opportunities, and recognition and honor. It will promote trade and interdependence, cooperation, character development, compassion, self-esteem, safer communities and friendlier neighbors, efficiency and dollar-stretching, a nation of better educated and optimistic citizens, a more prosperous economy, long-range thinking, more freedom, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to assume risk and experiment which will lead to innovations which always raise the living standards of everyone.



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