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What's In It For The Older Generation?

Please read the entire passage through quickly, then go back and click on underlined words (links) for more information. Some links offer convenient forms. Discover why Another Way is needed, how Another Way works and how you and your community, no matter where you are in the world, can participate in this program. We will activate and upgrade links as quickly as possible.

You care about future generations. You may have children and grandchildren. No doubt you, as a member of the older generation, want to leave the world a better place than you found it. You may have heard that it can't be done, but Another Way will show you how. What's needed? Trainers, mentors, coordinators. Young parents and other members of the middle generation are already shouldering a heavy burden. It's up to you.

You deserve to be admired for the obstacles you have overcome. Your stories need to be heard, heeded and retold. You are one of the nation's greatest untapped resources. You are our secret weapon. You are part of an elite corps of wise, experienced people with a variety of abilities and skills waiting to be shared. You are mellow enough to enjoy interacting with young people. You are healthier and likely to live longer than your ancestors. You realize that the freedom many of you fought for and the generous, productive, fair, innovative aspects of America that you care most about, will survive only if younger generations become good stewards. You can see that they do. You can bask in the love and respect of your community and be the recipient of nationally recognized awards. You can be appreciated and needed if you choose to do so. You can make a difference.



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