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What's In It For Political Leaders?

Please read the entire passage through quickly, then go back and click on underlined words (links) for more information. Some links offer convenient forms. Discover why Another Way is needed, how Another Way works and how you and your community, no matter where you are in the world, can participate in this program. We will activate and upgrade links as quickly as possible.

If you are a political leader, chances are you made government your career because you care about people and want to get good things accomplished. Your community could no doubt benefit from a decrease in crime, an increase in employment opportunities, mentors for the young and free job training programs, Another Way will help you achieve your goals and make you look like an innovator, a hero and a cost cutter at the same time.

As Tip O'Neil used to remind us, all politics is local. Knowing what your constituents want and helping them get it without raising taxes is a sure way to get votes. Another Way will make you popular with colleagues who are struggling, just as you are, with increased need and tighter budgets. If you promote Another Way and the concept of the truly Volunteer Corps, you will be an example for others to follow.

Balancing the budget is a current priority of both political parties. Partnerships, like those used in the Another Way program are the only way you will be able to accomplish your budget goals. Taxes can be cut only when money is not needed. Another Way encourages trade as opposed to grants and subsidies. It advocates tax credits for gifts of time as well as tangible donations.

Constituents clamor for lower taxes and more social programs at the same time. They can have it both ways, but only if the marketplace is given full sway. Choice is inherent in the Another Way program. Volunteers choose to affiliate with existing non-profit programs and those that attract volunteers prosper and those that do not are eventually weeded out. The present system often subsidizes even the inefficient programs. In a misguided quest for equal treatment, the free market has been restrained.



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