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What's In It For The World?

Please read the entire passage through quickly, then go back and click on underlined words (links) for more information. Some links offer convenient forms. Discover why Another Way is needed, how Another Way works and how you and your community, no matter where you are in the world, can participate in this program. We will activate and upgrade links as quickly as possible.

Throughout man's history, humans fought for their share of existing wealth, believing that it was only natural that A would have to suffer to satisfy the needs of B. Too many in positions of power in the world today subscribe to the zero-sum philosophy which always destroys wealth, dissipates human energy and lowers the living standard of all. It simply is not true that one person's profit must be another person's loss. It is not necessary to take from the rich in order to better the lot of the poor - and America's experience is proof. By unfettering those capable of exercising the greatest creativity and productivity, the fortunes of all men are lifted. The jobs created by allowing capital to accumulate and to be invested in ideas has allowed Americans to benefit from all sorts of labor-saving devices, giving them more time to direct their energies to even greater productivity.

But the American form of government only works when citizens exercise what Dr. Ikeda, founder of Soka University, refers to as soft power - self-control - as opposed to hard power - government-control. Soft-power can only be exercised by people who have developed character, hold values and have compassion for their neighbors. Another Way is the infrastructure which allows the goodness in the world to function more efficiently.

Another Way is uniquely American but may be adopted by people in all parts of the world. Soft-power will flourish wherever Another Way is instituted. Another Way will have no appeal in areas where citizens are apathetic, self-centered and corrupt. The program demands effort, courage and compassion and it runs on hope. It is likely that the nation that develops soft-power to the highest level will be the world leader in the twenty-first century.



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