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The Harry Singer Foundation's First
Essay Contest Exclusively For Teachers

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SUBJECT: What Do We Do When Adults Refuse To Be Good Role Models For Their Children?

If you would like  your essay to be added to the original contest submittals, please follow the rules below. Please print the required reading and the questions to be addressed. You will see by linking to the 2008 published book, that the answers were longer than the essays in many cases. Some reviewers believe the answers from experienced teachers shed more light on the subject than the essays themselves. If we get at least ten more acceptable submittals we will consider printing a second edition including the new essays and you will receive several copies for your effort.


(Please scroll down to links to Required Reading and Questions )

Submittals should have a cover page with the title of the essay, your name, date, grades and subjects you have taught in the past and teach currently, school names, cities and states and most importantly your email and other contact information.

Please print the required reading and questions. It may be helpful to browse and read some of  the posted essays.

Papers may be submitted at any time. All submittals must be digital and accompanied by answers to the questions relevant to the required reading.

Currently we accept submittals in English only, double spaced, checked for grammatical and spelling errors and no less than 1,000 words nor more than 2,000 words in length. Do not send print copies.

Occasionally essays require more than minimal editing before publishing. In such an event the edited document will first be emailed for the author's approval.

Entries will not be returned, and upon submittal become the property of The Harry Singer Foundation.


  • Can teachers fill the void in the lives of their students?
  • Can older retired members of the community help fill the void?
  • Might older students help fill the void?
  • What does it take to be a good role model?
  • How are students affected when a teacher loses control in a classroom setting?
  • How does one do a good job of helping young people become good people?
  • How does one stop young people from becoming destructive to themselves and others?
  • What is the importance of environment to any organism?
  • Consider showing your class the video version of the movie "A Bronx Tale". Follow with 2 days discussion and report the experience.
  • What would change for teens if guns were less accessible? How might this be achieved without further eroding freedom?
  • Would your attitude change towards adolescents if you believed their brains did not function like adult brains? In what way?
  • What role does television and music play in an adolescent's life?
  • What is the point of knowing good if you don't keep trying to become a good person?

Click on the links to print the required reading,
questions which must be answered, to submit your essay and 2008 published book.

Essay Contest, The Harry Singer Foundation,
P.O. Box 223159 Carmel, CA 93922



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