Kiona-Benton High School

Benton City, Washington


War and Peace

Teacher:Dea Podhajsky

Rick Rose

11th Grade


Many physicists think of Albert Einstein as the greatest scientist whoever lived. Einstein's father was the one who introduced little Albert to physics when he gave Albert a compass when he was sick.  Albert quickly became fascinated with the compass.  Albert's mother tried to get him interested in music.  Albert practiced and practiced, and soon he became a great violinist.  However his violinist abilities though had to take a back seat to his great mind.  At 16 Albert was upset with the German school system so he renounced his citizenship so he wouldn't be eligible to join the German army.  He them moved to Switzerland.

   In 1902 he attained a position with the Swiss Patent Office reviewing patent applications.  While working he wrote papers that would change physics forever.  One of those papers introduced his famous equation, E=mc (squared).  This was called "energy-mass equivalence." Einstein was soon thought of as one of the rising stars of theoretical physics.  In November 1921 Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for

Physics with his world famous General Theory of Relativity.  Some people though weren't too excited about his theory.  These anti-Semitic German physicists rejected the theory and said that Einstein was a communist and a Jew.  Soon after Hitler came to rule Germany, so Einstein became a professor at Princeton and an American citizen in


Concerned with Hitler and the rising German army he sent a letter to President Roosevelt talking about atomic weapon research.  After Pearl Harbor had been bombed further research had begun on how to construct such a force.  Thousands of workers were sent to make this weapon of mass destruction but had no idea what it was, let alone what it would be used for.  There was only a hand full of people that knew what the big secret was, and Albert was one of them.  Einstein then sent a second letter to President Roosevelt warning him of the destructive outcome.  Roosevelt died April 12, 1945.  The letter lay on his desk, never having been opened.  The bombs were dropped and

Einstein felt great guilt of what had happened.  The bombs that he proposed had killed about 200,000 people.  This may have been Einstein's only mistake.  There was some forgiveness because Einstein thought that the Germans were also working on the project that would make Germans or Nazi's the master race.  

Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955.  Einstein left behind more than perhaps anyone ever has.  Many today are still exploring the theories that were proposed by this great philosopher.   "I don't know what kind of weapons will be used in the third world war, assuming there will be a third world war.  But I can tell you what the fourth world war will be fought with - stone clubs."

I agree with this quote.  I think that what Einstein was thinking when he stated this quote is that if, or when there is the third world war that the countries that are fighting the war will use so much nuclear warfare that we as humans will wipe out ourselves.   The fourth World War I think is talking about is when we as humans make a comeback.  We will have to start over.  Evolution for humans will be as if we were never here.  There will be signs of human life, but only underground.  Time will go back to the Stone Age.  Einstein talks about the fourth world war being fought with stone clubs.  That is what our oldest ancestors used when they would fight.  

I think that Einstein didn't intend the quote to stress the fourth world war being fought with stone clubs, but that we would kill ourselves.  Right now we as a species have enough power to blow up the world over a thousand times over.  I don't know what's the need for all of this nuclear power.  Isn't blowing up the world once enough.  If the human race wants to live on we need to learn how to live in peace.  If that takes getting rid of people that don't preserve the peace, so be it.  We don't want to get rid of a race that has evolved over the past 200 years more than we have in the last couple thousand years.  The human race has only one enemy, the human race.  The only ones that have the power to wipe us out, barring Armageddon, are ourselves.  There has never been a species with the knowledge of how not to kill them, yet refused to use the knowledge to help them.  We know what is going to happen if we go into nuclear war so let us use the knowledge we have to protect ourselves.